Contoh Soal bahasa inggris

Choose the best answer !


Enjoy Bali’s beautiful beaches! Visit the art city of Ubud!
Stay in Asia’s finest hotels! Buy beautiful souvenirs! See Mount Umar! . . . and much more.
We’ve got it all! Come and see the art shops, the temples, and the exotic dances. Come and try our restaurant.

Call Citra Tour,

1.Who published this ad ?
a.Bali’s beautiful Beaches
b. Asia’s Finest Hotel
c.Citra Tour
d. Restaurant

2.What is being adbertised ?

a. Beaches

b. Temples
c. Ubud d. Bali

Read the SMS on the right

3.What does it talk about ?
a. New year
b. Better life
c. Successful life
d. Happy birthday

4.Where do you usually find this
instruction ? the truck
b.In the bus
c. In the ship
d. In the plane

A Visit to a sheep property
Last holidays I visited a sheep property. I helped in the shearing sheeds in the yards.

On the first day the Merino wethers were crutched. I helped by sweeping up after the rouse about picked up the wool pieces. Sheares start early (at 7.30 am).

After lunch, we started shearing the lambs. There were more than 400 so we didn’t finish until the text day. Once again I was sweeping and picking up dags.

I was tired by the end of the shed but our wasn’t finished. We all had to help to get the wethers and lambs back into the paddocks. As well, we had to get a mob of ewes and their lambs into the yards for shearing the next day. Then it was time for tea (that’s what my nanna calls dinner).

This was very long day but I enjoyed it a lot.

5. When did the writer go ?
a. Early
b. 7.30
c. Last holiday
d. After lunch

6.How many events are there in the
text ?
a. 4

b. 3

c. 2

d. 1

7.Which word in the text means “small
grass field” ?
a. Paddock b. lambs c. yards d. shed


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Sarah, who lived with her step mother. She was a very domineering, greedy and egostistical woman and she hated Sarah a lot.

One day when her father was working outside, the step mother hit Sarah and expelled her from the house. She went outside and walker far away from the house. Suddenly she saw a big melon farm and went in it. After that she hid in a big melon. She used to go out of the melon and get her food.

One day the prince visited the farm and saw the big melon. “Cut this melon I want to eat it “the prince said. The guards started to cut the melon but they heard a sound from it. Sarah said “Don’t cut me please !” They were all surprise for this situation the prince said” Who are you ? Don’t fear, please come out. “After that she came out and he fell in love with her. She told him her story so the prince decided to marry her and they lived happily ever after.

8.What is the main idea of the second
paragrapg ?
a. Father was working out
b. The step mother hit and expel the
c. She go out of the melon
d. The girl saw a big melon farm

9.Which statement is not true based on
the story ?
a.The guard cut melon but he heard a
sound from it
b.Sarah was hit by step mother and
expelled the house
c.The prince go out the farm and took
the big melon
d.Step mother was very domineering,
greedy and egostitical woman

10.What did she look at during
her expel ?
a. Woman c. house
b. Farm d. big melon

Making a sandwich
A sandwich is made of two slices of bread, with something inside. To make it you need bread, butter or margarine, fried egg, strawberry jam, chocolate sprinkles, slice of cheese. Then first, take two slices of bread, and second, spread them with butter or margarine. Third. Put anything that you like on top of bread on one slice. After that join the two slices of bread together and your sandwich is ready.

11.How many step are there to make a
sandwich ?
a. 4 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

12.What is sandwich made of ? it is
made of . . . .
a.fried egg and butter
b.strawberry jam and chocolate
c. slice of cheese and butter
d. two slices of bread with something

13.What does “it” refer to ? “it refer to .
. . .
a.two slice of bread
b.something inside
c. a sandwich
d. bread

14.What kind of text is above ?
a. descriptive b. instruction
c. procedure d. notice

Read the text and fill in the blank
Soils 15). . . . . water and nutrients for plant 16) . . . . . and development. Essential plant nutrients include phosporus, nitrogen, potassium and sulfur. Plants 17) . . . . . other elements such as molybdenum, in smaller 18) . . . . . some elements e.g. aluminium and manganese, are 19) . . . . . to plants.

15. a. Give b. provide c. receive d. sell
16. a. Growth b. increase c. decrease d. develop
17. a. want b. request c. release d. require
18. a. a qualities b. quantities c. content d. variety
19. a. liquid b. chemical c. toxic d. substance

What is an Iceberg ?
An iceberg is an enormous piece of ice floating in the sea. “Berg” is the German world for mountain. In the coldest part of the earth, around the north and south poles, land and sea are both covered by sheets of ice, over 300 meters deep at the centre.
Tongues of ice, called glaciers, stretch out into the open waters of the oceans. The sea water melts the bottom parts of these glaciers, then the top part slides into the water with a mighty roar. The great piece of ice sinks for a short time beneath the surface then it rises again, and floats away as a new iceberg. Some iceberg are milles across to begin with, and travel for thousands of miles and several years before they finally melt. The part of an iceberg which can be seen above the water is only about one-ninth of the total size. The rest is hidden beneath the waves.
One of the world’s worst disaster at sea was in 1912 the liner “Titanic” collided with an iceberg on her maiden voyage.

20. The following are not true about iceberg except . . .
a. An enomous piece of ice floating in the sea
b. Both, land and sea are covered by the sheets of ice
c. In the coldest part of the earth is not around the north and south pole
d. The great of piece of ice sinks for long time beneath the sureface of the earth
21. What is the total size of iceberg can be seen above the water ?
a. about nineteen twelve
b. about one ninth
c. over three hundred meters
d. for thousand of miles

22. The rest is hidden beneath the waves
a. something
b. beneath
c. the others
d. coldest

23. . . . . before they finally melt (paragraph 2)
a. Iceberg b. glaciers c. maiden voyage d. water

24. Why does the writer write such kind of the text ?
a. to give information about the iceberg
b. to show how the iceberg floating in the sea
c. to show what happened and what sequence in the sea
d. to give instruction how iceberg float into the sea

Puzzy is my playful white cat

This cat is always playful. It likes playing with anything. It sometimes plays with me on my spare time. I also play with my puzzy at the garden.

It likes playing with a ball very much. It very clever. But sometimes it is very naughty.

My puzzy is small but fat. It has soft fur. The fur is white. Puzzy has a short tail. It’s eyes are round. It looks cute. It always near me.

25. What type of text is used by the writer ?
a. report b. narative c. recount d. descriptive

26. What is the main idea of the second paragraph ?
a. the cat is always playful
b. the cat is playing with their writer
c. the cat is in the garden
d. the cat is a naughty cat

27. What is Puzzy like to play ?
a. doll b. rope c. a ball d. carpet

28. How is Puzzy ? it is . . . .
a. small, fat and black fur
b. small, thin, and soft fur
c. small, long tail and black soft fur
d. small, fat, short tail and white soft fur

29. The purpose of the text is . . . .
a. to describe a particular animal
b. to share an amusing incident with others
c. to inform the reader about the beauty of Puzzy
d. to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining

30. What is the title of the text ?
a. My Cat c. Cat
b. My Puzzy d. Puzzy


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